Yara Sofia Is More Than Just a Pair of Big Boobs

“I think she’s laughing at me, I’m done... I’m in the bottom.”

Yara Sofia is an OG Ru girl. She originally sashayed into the competition back on Season 3 (or as Michelle Visage refers to it, the real Season 1). Yara later returned for All Stars Season 1, making her one of the elite few queens to compete on multiple seasons of All Stars.

Her first season was 10 years ago, but Yara entered this season’s competition with a bounce — literally. On the Season 6 premiere, she sent RuPaul into hysterics during her talent show performance, which was an energetic dance involving a giant pair of fake boobs.

Yara herself is the real deal, but this season’s crop of queens made for stiff competition. After an episode featuring a Super Bowl Halftime show performance and a frilling runway look, the contestants voted for Yara to sashay away from the competition.

Yara spoke with NewNowNext about the biggest differences between All Stars 1 and 6, why her Super Bowl lip-sync was so scary, and what it was like seeing her best friend, Jessica Wild, walk out as the lip-sync assassin.

Did you ever think that you would return to Drag Race again?

No, but then I saw Manila [Luzon, on All Stars Season 4], and I said, “There’s a possibility. It could be possible that I’ll be returning to All Stars.”

What was one of the biggest differences between All Stars Season 1 and All Stars Season 6?

I mean, it’s obvious: We have more social media now. It’s the more social media or more support from the fans, more fans getting engaged now than when I was in All Stars 1. But it’s been awesome, that’s the difference. My season was 10 years ago, 2011. It’s awesome how everything is exploding.

A whole new world.

Yeah, exactly.

All of the queens are at the top of their games. Was it stressful competing against them?

I mean, yeah. Like I said before, I was excited, but at the same time, I was the only one who was kind of the old school. Well, Pandora [Boxx] too, but I was always scared to be in the bottom because if they put me in the bottom with A’Keria or let’s say Ra’Jah, you know that’s a lot of queens from Season 11. So, even they said, “We’re going to vote fair,” or whatever, I was always scared to end up in the bottom because of that, and in the Super Bowl was I so sickening, and I was so excited, and it was awesome. Honestly, we didn’t know who would be in the bottom. At least I haven’t seen it, but what I felt there and what the other queens say was kind of… it was hard. It was hard to pick… I mean, it’s All Stars, so it’s going to be harder and it’s harder every time. Because it’s just we know our team. It’s not like our first season that you’re experimenting, and you’re making TV, and the camera thing. It’s a lot of stress and all that, but we already did that. So, now we know what’s the tea, and how to do it, and just go and make it work. So, All Stars is always hard, so it was the same. I was excited to be sharing space with these bitches, because they’re sickening too.

I thought your Shakira was great, but you said to the judges that it was hard to figure out the camera and the moves and everything. What was going through your head while you were performing?

Well, honestly, I have vertigo. I didn’t say it, but if you see the stage that I performed Shakira on was the highest one.

Yeah, it looked high.

It was really high. So, I was nervous. By the way, A’Keria and I were the only ones who performed there. So, I was like, “Girl, it’s a setup.” No, it wasn’t a setup, but it was scary.

Were you always set on Shakira, or was there another halftime performer you’d considered?

I wanted to do Jennifer Lopez. I’m such a big fan of Shakira, so I don’t like to perform as Shakira. I have done Shakira so many times, and it’s because people tell me to do it. People like it. But Shakira’s the only singer that I know every single song, I’m a huge fan. I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying, but it’s kind of like I’m such a big fan that I don’t like to see myself as Shakira.

Got it. So, what was going through your head when Jessica Wild came out as the lip-sync assassin?

The jig is up. Jessica Wild is my best friend, so at that time I said to A’Keria, “Don’t worry, girl, don’t worry, because for my story, it will work perfectly.” So I don’t know if it was fate or whatever…

I have to ask about the talent show… Ru was laughing so hard during your performance. Where are those boobs now?

My boobs are in my house. I have bigger ones now. Yeah, I bounced them so hard they broke. But I still have the one from the show, and I have three pairs, which is two like the one that I used in the show, and then one that are bigger, but they broke. It was so fun to see RuPaul, to the point when I finished, I thought she was laughing at me. I left the stage and I was like, “I think she’s laughing at me, I’m done. I’m fucked, I’m in the bottom.” Then she literally couldn’t stop laughing for 10 minutes straight. It was crazy.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6 is streaming now on Paramount+.

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