“We’re Here” Queens’ Joyful Journey Continues in New Season 2 Trailer

"Guess who's baaack?!"

Keep your eyes peeled for Eureka’s elephant-mobile because the We’re Here queens are back on the road!

Last summer, HBO renewed the Emmy-nominated unscripted series for Season 2, but production was put on pause due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. After a long wait, we finally got our first taste of the new season earlier this summer when HBO tweeted out the first photo from the new set of episodes. Now we get to see Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela, and Eureka O’Hara in action as they spread love across America in the new trailer for We’re Here Season 2.

In addition to the preview, HBO announced that the new season will premiere on October 11 — that’s National Coming Out Day, henny! We also now know which small towns the queens will be stomping into, and it sounds like Eureka got their wish.

Speaking to Logo last year, Bob, Eureka, and Shangela all agreed that they would love to return to their small hometowns in the upcoming season. “I’ll go anywhere because I loved it, but I really want to come back to my hometown of Paris, Texas. I think that would be something super special,” said Shangela. “All of us are from small towns. Eureka’s from a small one in Tennessee, and Bob’s from a small one in Georgia.”

Eureka was even thinking outside the continental 48: “I would love to be able to do a Hawaiian city. There’s a big drag circuit in Hawaii, but that has its own element of small town-ness because it’s native to Hawaii. Maybe even Alaska, it’d be fun!”

It turns out Hawaii is on the travel itinerary this time around. In the new season, the trio will be sashaying into Spartanburg, SC; Temecula, CA; Del Rio, TX; Selma, AL; Evansville, IN; Watertown, SD; Kona, HI; and Grand Junction, CO.

Pack your bags for when We’re Here Season 2 debuts October 11 on HBO. Until then, check out the new trailer below.

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