10 More Things That Are Indisputably Bisexual Culture

You're welcome.

Nobody asked for it, but you’re getting it anyway: a sequel to my first list of 10 things that are definitely, 100%, without-a-doubt bisexual culture. What can I say? Something about the warmer temps and sunshine on my perpetually exposed ankles just makes me feel generous.

Below, find 10 more things big and small that are absolutely bisexual culture.

  1. Revelations via musical numbers

    Take Me or Leave Me” from Rent. “Gettin’ Bi” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Do I even need to keep going? Because I can, and I will. I’ll probably burst into song, though.

  2. Being The Chaotic One™️ in your friend group

    Hey, it’s not a read if you’re also talking about yourself!

  3. Having an uneven split of which genders you’re attracted to

    Little known fact, the true meaning of bisexual isn’t “being attracted to two or more genders”; it’s worshipping hotties of one gender and begrudgingly acknowledging your attraction to others. I’m kidding, of course. Well, kind of.
  4. Crop tops

    Harry Styles

    Something about that suggestive sliver of skin just screams, “I’m not straight.”

  5. Nailing that rare combo of being depressed and funny

    Too dark?

  6. Dramatics in the rain

    Lady Gaga

    This was true before “Rain On Me,” but now, it is an irrefutable truth.

  7. Halloween

    Costumes. Campiness. Horror movies. Phoebe Bridgers, patron saint of sad music and noted bisexual, literally wrote a song called “Halloween.” I rest my case.

  8. Ugly patterned button-down shirts

    Or, my entire closet.

  9. Shooting your goddamn shot

    I think about Demi Lovato propositioning Rihanna for a makeout sesh on The Ellen Show at least once a week. My fellow shy bis, take a cue from Demi. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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