Tammie Brown Is a Kick-Ass Action Star in “Queen With a Cause”

"This planet's about to go up in flames if we don't do something about it!"

Tammie Brown has walked children in nature, and now she’s teaching the children about Mother Nature—more specifically, how they can help fight climate change.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 1 and All Stars legend has been a fan favorite since she first sashayed into the workroom more than a decade ago. In addition to giving us content gold like stories about finding dead bodies or original Christmas songs, she has long been passionate about the environment.

In two new shorts for the video series Queen With a Cause, Tammie teaches viewers about problems with plastic and palm oil—and does it all while kicking some serious ass. She also gets some help from her fellow Drag Race sisters Pandora Boxx and Kelly Mantle.

“’Queen with a Cause’ has been Tammie’s moniker for quite a while now. She has always been outspoken about environmental and social issues in her interviews and live shows,” director John Mark tells NewNowNext. “Both of us felt that it was a good time to incorporate those ideologies into a video series.”

Mark goes onto explain how plastic and palm oil are affecting the environment, and what we can do to help:

The amount of plastic we throw out after a single use is terrifying. So much comes down to taking responsibility for the entire journey of any plastic you bring into your life. For palm oil, the problem is a bit more complicated. Boycotting is not always the best recourse as it can drive down the value of palm oil and cause even further deforestation. I suggest educating yourself on the most egregious corporate supply chains via the Rainforest Action Network’s website. Currently Tyson Foods, Nissin Foods, and Toyo Suisan Kaisha are the worst offenders. Their products include Top Ramen, Cup Noodles, and popular brands like Sara Lee, Hillshire, Jimmy Dean’s, and Bosco’s. Hit them up! Let them know how you feel. The blood of these animals is on their hands.

Mark and Tammie are hoping to release more Queen With a Cause shorts focusing on other environmental issues.

“We’re currently working with a couple members of the Dene tribe to outline an episode about issues in the Native American community,” Mark reveals.

If future episodes contain more scenes of Tammie kicking ass, we will definitely be watching. Watch the first two shorts below.

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