Witness Drag Queen Wig Wonders in Exclusive “Swan Song” Clip

Udo Kier plays Pat, "the Liberace of Sandusky, Ohio," in the emotional new indie comedy.

German character actor Udo Kier has appeared in more than 220 films, acting in everything from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective to Blood For Dracula. In his latest movie, Swan Song, the 76-year-old actor is taking on his first leading role as Pat Pitsenbarger, a retired gay hairdresser who was known as “the Liberace of Sandusky, Ohio.”

In the film, Pat, who is living in a nursing home, comes out of retirement for one last makeover. He returns to his old stomping grounds of Sandusky, confronting old memories and meeting old friends — and foes — along the way.

Courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

One of those places is the local gay bar where he used to perform. A lot has shifted in the years since he sashayed across the stage there, but even though decades have passed, some things never change, like backstage drag queen drama.

In an exclusive clip from the movie, Pat is hanging out at the bar where he meets Velma, a drag queen who is stressed about her upcoming performance. He follows her to the dressing room backstage and proceeds to work his hairdresser magic on Velma’s wig, all while spouting some sage advice. Pro tip: If you listen closely to the end of the scene, you might hear the beginning of a very familiar RuPaul song.

Swan Song is in theaters now and hits VOD Friday, August 13. Now sissy that walk and watch the exclusive scene below.

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