How Silky Nutmeg Ganache Milked the Most Out of Her “All Stars” Run

"These people aren't worthy of the gifts of Silky."

Not many queens can walk into the workroom with a full cup of milk stashed in their look, but that’s why Silky Nutmeg Ganache is an All Star.

The Season 11 queen returned to RuPaul’s Drag Race for All Stars Season 6, but she encountered an even tougher crop of queens than her original sisters. After an incredible lip-sync between Trinity K. Bonet and Laganja Estranja, Silky was voted to sashay away by the other contestants.

Silky spoke with NewNowNext about her time on All Stars, her hesitation to return to Drag Race, and how she kept all that milk from spilling out of her entrance eleganza.

Hi, Silky! How are you feeling today?


Good. I’m excited to talk to you. Since your last season, you’ve received a lot negative backlash on social media. Did that make you hesitant to return for All Stars?

I didn’t want to return for All Stars because these people aren’t worthy of the gifts of Silky. But ultimately, I decided to return. To be honest, I don’t know why I decided to return. And coming back on this time, I felt like I don’t have anything to prove, but I’m back on and I don’t regret anything, and it’s been a lovely ride.

On this week’s episode, you said you thought it would be “somewhat easier” returning for All Stars. Was it easier or harder than your original season?

I do not recall saying that, but it’s a lot harder because you already know what the expectations of you are. You have to sit there, as an All Star, and be a true professional. And sometimes that is hard, just to be a true professional and take the high road when things aren’t just going the way you planned. I knew that I was going to be eliminated that day after I said what I said about Jan.

I saw your tweet about helping the other queens get ready for last week’s Ball Challenge.

I helped the other queens, and I guess that’s the hurtful part. I wrote that, meaning that’s the hurtful part of my elimination because Kylie Sonique was next to me, and I kept threading her sewing machine… and then, she voted against me. Same with Yara Sofia. Yara Sofia, I gave all the tinsels and tools and everything to her, and then she voted against me. And those same girls that I helped are the girls who voted for me to go home, and that’s hurtful. Out of everything, that’s hurtful.

You voted to send A’keria home. Did you have any hesitation in voting for A’keria?

I did, but… this is the hard part, A’keria and I had a heart-to-heart moment. And she basically told me I had to put her name, even though I didn’t want to because if one of us ended up staying, it was just quite evident that one of us was going to go home. We have to play the game. And so, I knew I was going to be eliminated that day. I knew it already. I felt it in my spirit and in my soul. And I couldn’t do anything but prepare for it.

But it looked like you were all living during that lip-sync! And Laganja even hit you with part of her costume.

Well, we all were living for Laganja. She did [hit me], and she apologized for it too, because she kept hitting me! “Why are you throwing that on this side? There’s a whole other side of the stage where nobody is! There’s all this space in the front!”

You said your piano ballad for the talent show wasn’t your original talent?

It was not my original talent.

Can you say what your original one was going to be?

I was going to decorate a cake in one minute.

Well, it was a beautiful ballad.

Thank you.

I also have to ask about your entrance look. When you pulled the milk out of your titty, was that real milk? What was in that glass?

Whole milk.

Whole milk?

That was whole milk.

How’d you not spill it?

Because I’m a bad bitch.

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6 is streaming now on Paramount+.

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