Top 5 Most Gay-Friendly Destinations, Named By Scruff

We weren't expecting to see #5 make the cut.

Popular gay dating app Scruff has just released the results from a survey they conducted with the New York Times to figure out where the most popular gay travel destinations are in the world.

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The results were based on responses from over 1,300 men from all over the globe. Though there was a great diversity of answers, after counting all the votes, a few locations rose to the top.

According to the survey, the top gay travel destinations are:

1. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico / Tel Aviv, Israel

Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

2. Ongonquit, Maine / Lisbon Portugal

Senior gay male couple on tourism vacation or honeymoon after gay marriage enjoying coffee at an outdoor cafe and looking together with affection and love at a guidebook of the city.

3. Rehoboth Beach, Delaware / Saugutuck, Michigan

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, United States, North America

4. Beirut, Lebanon / Budapest, Hungary

People hold hands as they take part in the gay rights Pride Parade in Budapest on July 2, 2016. / AFP / PETER KOHALMI        (Photo credit should read PETER KOHALMI/AFP/Getty Images)
Peter Kohalmi

5. Willimstead, Curacao / Salt Lake City, Utah / Cape Town, South Africa

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Through their research, Scruff has found that gay guys tend to travel more often than the general population. They also vacation differently, with many hitting the road alone and spending more money than their straight peers.

With this in mind, Scruff decided to launch Scruff Venture, a new function that allows users to list cities they will be traveling to. Once their itineraries are published, locals and other tourists can link up with them to network or arrange meet-ups once they arrive at the locations.

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