Randy Rainbow Targets Barr and “No Rules” Trump With Assist From Dua Lipa

"He needs a big boy time-out."

When your name is Donald Trump you can apparently get away with anything.

When you’re the leader of a party willing to cosign on your every move in a crass power play, and your attorney general, William Barr, is a loyalist who at worst will make quiet mouth sounds about your tweeting, and America is so divided and scared most think you’ll get re-elected even though they hope you don’t, you can do anything.

Donald Trump acquitted
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Randy Rainbow has returned with another video taking aim at Trump, in which he reworks Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” to point out to this very fact: that there are “no rules for Donald.”

In addition to being a catchy dystopian bop, the video serves as a reminder of just how uniquely Trump “presidents,” and how the complicit, party-over-country Republican Party lets him get away with it, as Rainbow sings:

One: Ignore the law, pretend the Constitution isn’t there anymore
Two: Stick up for thugs, no matter what they’re guilty of
Three: Pick up the phone, and pressure foreign governments to win your elections
Till Republicans let you do it all again

Watch below—and oh yeah, maybe register to vote if you haven’t already.


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