“Queer as Folk” Is Being Turned Into a Live Concert

In honor of the groundbreaking series' 20th anniversary.

Get ready to experience Queer as Folk in a whole new way.

In honor of the groundbreaking series’ upcoming 20th anniversary, the Queer as Folk soundtrack is being turned into a live concert experience in Manchester, where the show was set.

Still Doin’ It Live! will be performed at Manchester’s Albert Hall and star the Manchester Camerata. Special guests will include Faye Tozer from STEPS and Hannah Jones, who covered “I Am What I Am” on the series soundtrack.

“It’s an honour to be producing the ultimate birthday party alongside Manchester Camerata, a superb team and a glittering list of guest star performers,” producer Rob Ellis told the Manchester Evening News. “As with the TV show, audiences should expect shocks and surprises in abundance!”

The live show is named after “Doin’ It,” the club track off the compilation that featured some of Nathan’s (Charlie Hunnam) most iconic lines from the series.

The event will take place February 22, 2019, coinciding with the series’ original premiere date of February 23, 1999. Tickets for the live extravaganza are on sale now.

We’re guessing there will be an after-party on Canal Street?

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