Billy Porter Is Back for Logo’s 2021 LGBTQ State of the Union

"Our union remains strong," says the out actor and activist.

With the “orange menace” ousted from the Oval Office, LGBTQ Americans are finally hearing from a leader who gets it: Billy Porter.

The Emmy-winning actor and activist has returned for the third year in a row to deliver Logo’s 2021 LGBTQ State of the Union, a rousing speech assessing the status of LGBTQ acceptance and equality in the United States. Needless to say, a lot has changed in the past year. Between the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and the nation’s new presidential administration, Porter had plenty of ground to cover.

In 2020, I told you our union remained far from broken, and our responsibility as citizens has never been more urgent,” the Pose star begins. “We survived a year of challenges that seemed insurmountable at times, and while we continue to face many of these adversities in 2021, I can confidently say that our union remains strong as we march toward greatness and inclusivity.”

Porter goes on to address the hardships that defined the past year, from the aforementioned pandemic to America’s ongoing epidemic of anti-Black racism and police brutality. But it isn’t all doom and gloom. He also highlights some of 2020’s biggest wins for the queer community, including last summer’s landmark Supreme Court ruling affirming LGBTQ workplace protections and the “Rainbow Wave” of openly LGBTQ elected officials nationwide.

“Brighter days are ahead of us,” Porter adds, “if we continue to work toward them together.”

Hail to the Chief! Watch Porter deliver the full 2021 LGBTQ State of the Union below, and learn more about the issues addressed in the speech here.

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