Katya Serves Serious Nosferatu Vibes With “Vampire Fitness” Debut EP

Plus special guests Trixie Mattel and Alaska!

Katya has been keepin’ busy this year.

This past summer, everyone’s favorite Russian red scare from RuPaul’s Drag Race hit the New York Times bestsellers list with her first book, Trixie and Katya’s Guide to Modern Womanhood. She then launched a new podcast, The Bald and the Beautiful, as well as a makeup line, all while continuing to co-host UNHhhh! and I Like to Watch with her partner in crime, Trixie Mattel.

Now she’s following in Trixie’s footsteps by releasing her own original music with her debut EP, Vampire Fitness.

Katya describes the five-track collection as a “dark and brooding international musical boat ride through the brain and mouth of famous cross-dresser Katya.”

“This brisk and beefy debut explores themes and topics such as eating food, dancing, having sex, relaxing, and DIY dentistry, all delivered in a variety of award-winning languages like Russian, Italian, Portuguese and English,” she continues. “With sexy, fly, hot and beautiful features from song-writing legends Alaska Thunderfuck and Trixie Mattel, it’s hard to believe it’s only $5. Wow!”

In case you’re wondering, the collaboration with Alaska is called “Come In Brazil,” and Trixie guests on the track “Ding Dong.” The EP will be released digitally on November 13, with Katya creeping out of her coffin to debut the first single, “Come In Brazil,” a week earlier on November 6.

“Can I just say I have heard this whole thing and none of you have any way of preparing yourselves for the sounds featured on this lively EP,” Ms. Mattel tweeted when Katya announced Vampire Fitness.

We are not prepared for whatever tunes are coming out of Katya’s rotted brain, but we are here for what will surely be a unique musical journey.

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