The Frock Destroyers Are Ready for World Domination

The "Drag Race" group talks their new album and their Eurovision dreams.

You won’t have to break up bye bye with the Frock Destroyers any time soon.

The girl group — which consists of Baga Chipz, Blu Hydrangea, and Divina de Campo — first formed on the inaugural season of RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K., where they performed their earworm of a single, “Break Up Bye Bye.” The track made herstory by hitting #3 on iTunes and entering the Big U.K. Top 40 at #10, becoming the first top-10 hit in the U.K. charts to be performed by a drag group.

Now, the trio has returned with a new song, “Her Majesty,” off their debut album, FROCK4LIFE. The queens kikied with NewNowNext about how they recorded their album during lockdown, their dreams of performing on Eurovision, and why they want Gillian Anderson as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K.

Hi ladies! I listened to FROCK4LIFE, and I loved it. When did talks of making a full album start?

Divina: We started talking about it back in January. I wanted us to be making music straight after the show, but schedules and everything else, it’s so difficult to get everybody all on the same page. But after the reaction at DragCon U.K., it was kind of like there was no choice. We needed to start making some music because people really still want it.

Was DragCon your first time performing “Break Up Bye Bye” live?

Baga: I think we performed it a few times — you know, like, after the show you get so much gig work, so we’d performed it in bars and clubs and stuff. But we’d never performed it in front of thousands like that. You’re talking thousands and thousands of people. I mean, we just felt like rock stars, really.

When did you know that “Break Up” was going to be a hit? Was it when you first heard the song in rehearsals, or was it when you heard the finished product?

Divina: I had no idea that it was going to be a hit, because you don’t know how the public are going to take to anything until you put it in front of them. So for me, I was like, “You know, this is a great song, it’s a great track,” but I didn’t know whether it would chime with the public or not. You just don’t know whether people are going to like it or not. I’m a bit useless at following all of the charts and all of that stuff, so it was the other two going, “We’re at number four. We’re at number two on the iTunes chart. We’re here.” And me going, “Oh, wow. Okay. This happened. That’s amazing.”

Fans want the Frock Destroyers to represent the U.K. in Eurovision. Would you have been down?

Blu: We still are down. I’m ready to take over Eurovision. I mean, none of us won Drag Race, but we could definitely win Eurovision.

Baga: Eurovision have such a pro-LGBTQ history. There’s so many LGBTQ acts every year. I think nearly a billion watch it. I think it’d just be amazing for some young child to see three drag queens being successful and performing in front of millions of people, and just inspiring them to be their authentic self. Eurovision is such a big platform. It’s in every country in Europe and even Australia. I think they watch it on Logo in America. We just want to be visible and make people smile, really.

What were some inspirations for the album’s sound? Did you come into the recording studio with references?

Divina: That was a bit of an organic process. We started, and it was steering a bit too comedy. It was gone a bit too far in, “Ooh, it’s a drag song.” We talked about that and reeled it back so that it was more… We wanted something that people could legitimately listen to and be like, “This is just great music.”

Baga: There’s so many sounds as well. It’s not just pop music, you’ve got Divina with her operatics in there — some of them are quite rocky, you know what I mean? — Her Majesty’s quite…not heavy metal, but it’s more just Lady Gaga metal, if that makes sense. It’s very rock-n-roll-y. There are club songs on it. There are anthems. I think there are quite a few anthems, and a lot of people online have been saying it’s an earworm. When you listen to it a few times, you can’t get it out your head. That’s what we wanted to achieve, so if people are singing it and downloading it and playing it all the while — job done. Whatever position it comes in the charts, we just want to produce good quality, credible music.

Do you have a favorite track off the album? My favorite might be “How’s the Lighting.”

Blu: “How’s the Lighting” is a really close second for me, but my favorite is “Fame Whore” because we all know that person that follows you ’round the club, trying to steal your vibe and your friends. I also think that we all sound really bomb on it. It’s definitely one of my favorites that Leland wrote. It’s just incredible. I can imagine — all being well when the clubs reopen — that’s going to be the one that the gays get down to.

Baga: Yeah, I love “Big Ben.” I just want us to all stand on top of Big Ben and perform for the Queen.

Divina: And I love “FROCK4LIFE,” just because that’s what I want us to be doing: frocking for life, come on.

Baga: We’re going to be doing it in our wheelchairs.

Divina: I practically am already, so you know.

Tell me about shooting the video for “Her Majesty…”

Blu: You should see what we’re dressed like now. We’re fully in the “Her Majesty” Marie Antoinette outfits.

Baga: Exactly. It’s just very regal. We start off classic frock, all in our black, sexy, sky-high boots, you know what I mean? And then we just turn into actually regal, Marie Antoinette, very… I do a scene where I’m eating cake and I’ve got a big buffet. Divina’s on a chaise lounge, just being all regal. Blu’s on a throne, and yeah, we did it on the set of RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. Season 2.

Blu: I think the best part about the music video was getting to see the girls again after such a long time. I mean, we got to see each other to record, thankfully, and then it was all up in the air because the U.K. had been put into a new lockdown day before we were set to film. But thankfully, it all went ahead. We had our COVID tests. It was all safe on set.

Blu: Being on the Drag Race set without feeling fear and panic was probably one of the best experiences in my life because I could truly take in every single moment of it.

Do you have a favorite girl group? I’m a huge Girls Aloud fan.

Baga: Girls Aloud have got so many brilliant songs.

Baga: But obviously, yeah, the Spice Girls, as well.

Divina: For me it would be Destiny’s Child. When the Spice Girls arrived, they brought a kind of music that nobody else had been making, and when Destiny’s Child arrived, they were doing exactly the same thing. They just brought something that wasn’t happening, and then they turned up and suddenly they were absolutely massive, just like the Spice Girls.

Baga: I know, they’re a perfect combination of R&B and pop together.

Divina: Yeah, I mean absolutely.

Blu: Plus, I think the Spice Girls really inspired us because, yeah, we can all be loved individually, but then when we come together, we’re better. Also, “FROCK4LIFE,” the actual song, is hugely inspired by Spice Girls. I can just imagine the three of us in our Spice Girls get-up dancing to “FROCK4LIFE.”

This year hasn’t been the best one, but I think there’s been so much good pop music that’s come out. What album have you had on repeat from this past year?

Divina: I think we can all agree on Chromatica.

Baga: Yeah.

Divina: It’s been a brilliant album. Then recently, Kylie’s DISCO album and the Steps new album have both just come out, so I’ve been listening to those.

Blu: Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa, as well, who just beat us in the charts. She was the only person to beat us in the iTunes charts, but I forgive her this year because she brought out an album right at the start of lockdown, and it helped me get through.

You said you were on the set for Drag Race U.K. Season 2. Is there anyone who you would love to see as a guest judge in an upcoming season?

Baga: I’m a big fan of an actress called Julie Walters. I think she’d be brilliant. Helena Bonham Carter. Oh my god, that would be incredible. Even Gillian Anderson, since doing Thatcher on The Crown because I did Thatcher in the Snatch Game.

Is there a tour in store for 2021? What’s next for the Frock Destroyers?

Divina: Absolutely. We’re finalizing all of that stuff, so you need to keep your eyes open. It will be coming, and we will be taking over the world.

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