A’Whora Spills Tea on the Lip-Sync Snog With Tayce That Never Happened

"Just stand there and make out like Britney and Madonna did."

In the immortal words of A’Whora, [redacted] [redacted] [redacted].

The RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. queen may have had a clean track record during the competition, but her mouth was anything but during her stand-up comedy set in the latest episode. A’Whora lived up to her name, spewing vulgar jokes that made even Ru and Michelle Visage blush — and resulted in half of her raunchy routine being bleeped out.

But before she was a comedy queen, A’Whora was a fierce competitor on track to snatch the crown of the U.K’s next drag superstar. The London-based queen was a consistent performer, winning two challenges. She was never in the bottom two until last week, where she was ultimately asked to sashay away after her lip-sync against her roommate Tayce.

She spoke with NewNowNext about her time on Drag Race U.K., including her raunchy jokes that made even Ru blush, what’s next for the United Kingdolls, and how she and Tayce originally planned to have a massive make-out session if they ever ended up lip-syncing against each other.

What’s going on with you and Ellie Diamond? What’s the latest?

We hate each other. We’ve never spoken since the show. No! We are so close. We FaceTime nearly every day. We take poos together on calls. We have Facetimes in bed with no eyebrows on. It’s that sisterhood relationship. We are really, really close. We all are close. We have a group chat and we all just feel the love. Me and Ellie, I think you go through hardship as family, and that’s what brings you together and that’s what it was.

If you were in Ellie’s position, would you have done the same thing when it came to the comedy challenge?

Well, I see myself as the best of the best. Call that delusional, but by having that mindset of being the best, I want to compete against the best. So I want everyone to do their best to know I beat the best. Like even in the sewing challenge when Sister Sister was hogging all the fabrics, people ask me, “Would you have done the same?” I’m like, “No.” I just give everyone a fair advantage because I want to compete against everyone at the highest level they can be. That’s how I would have done my stand-up and like Ellie did, she asked us where we all wanted to be. Bimini volunteered for first, Lawrence volunteered for last, me and Tayce were happy to take any position from second to fourth, but Ellie didn’t want to do that. You know? She wanted to play the game, so I hope she made her bed and lies in it. I hope she has a guilty conscience for the rest of her life that I went home.

How was it being on set when Lawrence and Ellie were going at it? Was there a lot of tension in the room?

You know, there was. I think there are more issues than what we all are aware of between the two. I think they have a very mother-daughter kind of relationship. Those two are always fighting at each other, and they get over it the next day. They both live in Scotland. They live right by each other, so I think that they’re very, very family oriented, but prior to that we were asked the question on the mainstage by RuPaul, “Who should go home tonight and why?” So emotions were high. We’d come straight off after being asked that question, so we sat there and were all a bit heated and uncomfortable. We’d all kind of addressed our feelings, so it was very fiery.

How awkward was it performing your stand-up to a room full of dolls and stuffed animals? It was awkward enough to watch!

Oh, it was terrible, honestly. It was like talking to a wall. It’s a lot, but it’s hard enough to go up there and do it, let alone to a stiff audience. I’m usually good with handling things that are stiff but not this case. So, it was just very, very challenging, and the only laughs you were going to get were from the people who were judging you, so you could feel the desperation in the air.

Yeah, because even if you’re bombing, there might be some chuckles from the audience, but this time it was just the judges…

Yeah. It was weird. It was like, even when your jokes were good, there was still sometimes no reaction.

I don’t know how it was on BBC Three, but here watching it in the U.S., your set was a lot of just beep, beep, beep. Do you think you went overboard with the jokes?

I loved it. I stand by it. It’s my humor. It’s who I am. I’m called A’Whora; I’m not called A’Nun. There’s a reason why I say the things I say and I have a very controversial opinions. I have a very controversial presence. I like to go into a room and shake things up a little bit, and that’s what I did. I like to make people uncomfortable. I stand by it and at the time people were laughing.

After winning the previous week, were you surprised when you were in the bottom?

Yeah, because I finally felt a good momentum with myself. From day one of this competition, I’ve kind of worked my way up — especially just come back after lockdown, I felt really refined and well established. I felt like there was really no one to compete against, but things happen. I had the best track record as of that episode, which I wasn’t aware of. It’s better for me to go at this point than it is for me to go past my sell-by-date and expire and people be wishing I’d gone. I’d rather keep people hungry, wanting more.

I totally get that. I loved your Supershero look. Are we going to see that look again?


Where is the dress?

It is currently in my cupboard piled beneath many drag things. I’m saving it for a rainy day. You know, if I ever need to put out the bins and I’m short of a bin bag, I’ve got plenty there waiting to be used. However, I think when I go on tour, when I’m able to perform, I’m going to remake it in a more sustainable fabric, maybe. Something a bit more practical.

Who knew that a flick of the shoulders could be so effective?

I know, right? And thing is, it was never planned. Like, I was making these sleeves, and I went into the mirror and I was just feeling it and modeling it and I was like, bam. Then it just, it had such a wing effect and I was like, “Bitch.” As soon as I did that, I was like, “I have won this shit.” Straight off.

What’s the latest with the United Kingdolls? Are you reuniting? Is there another single, a tour, plans for world domination…?

Yeah, we’ve been approached for some big festivals, so we’re going to be doing that. We’ve been offered multiple tours. We’re going to be international with it as well, which is really, really good. There is a little rumor — can’t confirm, can’t deny — about an EP. So some new music is possibly in the pipeline.

Well, that’s exciting to hear. Are you still living with Tayce?

Yeah. Tayce is currently laying next to me now naked, just waiting for me to finish on this call with you. I’m joking. No, she’s not. Tayce is downstairs getting ready, she’s getting into drag. Yeah, we still live together and have a camp old time together, but I can confirm we are just friends.

You two ended up lip-syncing against each other. Did you have a plan?

We always said to each other, “If we get to the finale and us it’s us two against each other, what do we do?” And we had this massive plan… I don’t think I’ve actually spoken about this yet, so you’re getting some good tea here. We always planned to, for the lip-sync, just stand there and make out like Britney and Madonna did [at the VMAs]. Just snog on the stage and fully just go ham and get them gagging. Get everyone riled up. The thing is, after we’d done the Eurovision episode, the producers come up to us and said, “Is this true that you two are planning on doing a kiss in the lip-sync?” And we went, “What?” Someone had kind of gave the producer, I think, a nudge, nudge, wink, wink that we were going to do it. So then me and Tayce said to each other, “No, we’re not doing this because if we’re going to do this now, they’re going to set us up to do it.” We wanted to do it as a gag factor in our own control. So it just never happened, but it would have been a gag. I mean, can you imagine that? Us two just tonguing each other for the crowd? Maybe on the tour. Maybe for the OnlyFans.

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